4th Grade – Word Problems

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Word problems are sometimes also called story problems. With these questions, students will have to deduct the calculation from the story. Take a look at the example below: 

A normal question:

If joe has 3 sweets and Amy has 5 sweets, then they have 3+5 sweets. How many sweets do they have together?

A word problem:

If Joe has 3 sweets and Amy has 5 sweets, how many sweets do they have together?

Many children have difficulties with word problems. Therefore, this Mister Tutor book is perfect to rehearse or practise them. The following categories of questions are covered in this book:

  • Division and multiplication
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Money
  • Measurements
  • Time
  • Percentages

The questions in this book are based on school tests. The difficult, but often recurring structure of test questions is a technique that can be learnt using this book. Practising these kind of questions is a great way to prepare for tests and to gain good results. 

Mister Tutor shows children that learning can be a very enriching and enjoyable experience: learning never stops! A child’s ability to learn has a very big influence on his or her future prospects. Our goal is to make sure children enjoy learning and going to school. At-home tutoring and homework guidance have an enormous influence on this. There is so much to be gained, both in terms of time and knowledge, by helping children with learning individually. 

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