Value Pack: 3rd – 6th Grade

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Sometimes, simply going to school is not enough to get by. It is necessary to go the extra mile to get good results. With a complete package of Mister Tutor practice books, your child will learn the most important skills taught in schools while also having fun. Additionally, these books can be used to prepare him or her for the upcoming school year, so that your child will be ahead of the rest.    The questions in those books are based on school tests. The difficult, but often recurring structure of a test questions is the technics that can be learnt using this book. Practicing those kinds of questions is a great way to get prepared for tests and to obtain excellent results. Available: 

  • Every Mister Tutor book consists of +/- 60 pages. (Specifically designed for school year 2020/2021). 
  • Hundreds of exercises (divided over each category), so that you’ll never have to search for extra exercises again.  
  • Exercises based on class tests, so that your child will not dread real tests or face surprises during those. 
  • The answers can be found in the back of the book, allowing your child to work alone. 

Mister Tutor proves children that learning can be a very enriching and amazing experience at the same time: learning never stops! A child’s ability to learn has a very big influence on his or her future prospects. Our goal is to make sure children enjoy learning and going to school. At home tutoring and homework guidance has an important influence on this. There is so much to be gained, both in term of time and knowledge, by helping children with  individual practicing and mastering.

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