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The thirst for knowledge is an always present force. As Mister Tutor we have thrived in the educational sector as a private owned organization. This Book will give you fresh insights and answer some of the question we ourselves had when we just started in this industry. The value of this booklet is tremendous. However, it is you who has to take action. We even included a opportunity to work directly with us selling practice books. Who will benefit from this eBook? Educators looking to scale up, Entrepreneurs willing to make an impact in through an educational business and everyone else interested in education!   Contents: 

  • Answers to regular asked questions by more then 100+ small educational business owners . 
  • Book licensee opportunity for primary school practice books.   
  • Post Covid insights and opportunities.
  • Very compact value based text. (Easily read and understood in an afternoon) 

More than 9 years of experience as an educational business helping thousand and thousands of students!

🍁This week the eBook is available for the price of a cup of coffee!(And yes coffee is 4 bucks. I can’t believe it either)🍁